Origin: Sacramento, California
Genre(s): Metalcore / Deathcore
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FFO: Bullet For My Valentine, Lamb of God, Fit For a King, Like Moths to Flames & KillSwitch Engage


TITVN is a metal band that rebranded in June, 2021 and released 3 new singles with their new vocalist Ryan Brown. "Legion" , "Unholy Beast" and “Carnival Decay”.
Legion is their Metalcore anthem comeback song that has beautiful, catchy and emotional chorus's and the kind of crowd chant that will make you scream to the top of your lungs during a LIVE performance!
Unholy Beast is their deathcore side that brings filthy breakdowns, fast blast beats and lows that Music Reviewer Evy Wisse says "These lows are not human".
Carnival Decay shows the thrash side of the band bringing high intense energy leading into a memorizing drum solo that ends into one of their signature breakdowns. The band has more music ready for release and is currently in the works of recording their next record.
To round things off
TITVN hosts their own festival "TITANFEST". A Sacramento Metal Festival put on by the band members and the surrounding bands from the area. Growing with each passing year getting bigger and bigger as well as accepting bands from farther areas then each year prior.
They have bright plans for the future and this is only the beginning.

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Vocals - Ryan Brown
Guitar - Hector Garcia
Drums - Hugo Pulido


Ryan Brown, Hector Garcia, Hugo Pulido


written and performed by TITVN

“Unholy Beast”

written and performed by TITVN

“Carnival Decay”

written and performed by TITVN


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Contact Us

Email us at thetitvnband@gmail.com

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